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KayBeeCommunications provides a range of services to Individuals, Micro companies, and Small and Medium-Size Enterprises as well as other Business Executives in Photonics and other technologies. Using us will save you time, space, cost, and cut through red tape whilst freeing you up to pursue the goals you have set yourself.  Our mission is to build the foundations for you and set the stage to allow you to network and achieve your business goals.

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About us

Karin | KayBeeCommunications - Cardiff
KayBeeCommunications is managed and owned by Karin Burger, who has worked in event management for over 30 years. Karin and her team of dedicated associates provide high quality services to clients in a professional, accurate, confidential, efficient and cost-effective manner, using appropriate technology.
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Events Management

Events management - Cardiff

Ranging from Conferences, Exhibitions, Product Launches to Charity Events, Team Building, Weddings and Private Parties, KayBeeCommunications services the entire breadth of events. We take the planning off your shoulders and consult with you along the way so you have complete control over finances and how you are projected to your audience.

To discuss your requirements and our solutions, please contact us.

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German Translation - Cardiff, UK

German translation service - Cardiff

Yes, of course there are translation engines, and they are getting better. But as of yet, nothing can replace the human brain in establishing context! We offer quick, and precise translation services into and out of German.

Whatever your requirements are, we offer communication with German authorities on your behalf – in German! Whether it is by translating your correspondence or by calling the respective office to clarify any questions and identify any traps for you – we can help!

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Marketing and Social Media Services

Marketing management service - Cardiff

Marketing and Social Media Services: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, other social media channels and your website are all out there to promote your product, but what is the right mix for you? KayBeeCommunications can organise and help you implement your message to your target audience. 

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